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​       Working with you to explore areas of growth such as learning to quiet the voice of criticism, redefining outdated patterns, finding ways to manage difficult experiences or exploring relationships is a passion of mine. I find that looking at our strengths for guidance is often inspirational and revealing.   

       Paying attention to the feelings that rise to the surface of your day to day life will lead the way to building authenticity and success, inside and out. Your feelings are natural guides to living a life that suits you. Being curious without censoring feelings with thoughts can open some surprising doors. Most of us have been taught that listening to and expressing feelings is weak and inferior to the strength of our logical minds. See these two amazing functions as a working team. Feelings can point you in the right direction, while thinking can be useful for breaking down tasks and following through in a logical manner. Both are necessary for living a life true to your nature.

       Experiencing depression, anxiety, loneliness, and anger are all signals for attention to some aspect of your life that yearns for recognition. Welcome these feelings to the party! Invite them in, be curious and explore the moment to moment realities presented by each, without preconceived notions of judgement. Are you living out of truth or fear? Is honesty with others a priority? Are you enjoying yourself? Knowing that you can tolerate your experiences builds strength and trust in yourself.

       If you are struggling to resolve parenting issues such as difficult behaviors or communication problems with your kids, I can also help. I have many years of experience working with families to understand how situations impact kids, the messages kids send with their behaviors and effective ways to address them. I am also a working parent and understand the day to day life of raising a child. 

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